about the writer:

Hello! I am Afifah Nabila and you can call me by any variation of my name. I'm a 23-year-old girl, an avid reader and total internet trash. I just graduated on December 2023 and now am working somewhere far from home. I fangirl on a daily basis and I'm on an eternal rewatch marathon of Friends. And when I say that I'm an avid reader, I mean I have a mild reading but terrible book-buying addiction with an average of 50 books read per year.

When I'm not sleeping, I spend my time reading or binge-watching TV shows, k-dramas or movies. I can also spend hours going through Spotify to find new music and make playlists.

fangirling over: lizzy mcalpine, 5 seconds of summer, taylor swift
currently watching: friends (rewatch), queen of tears
listening to: delay by tiny habits, so long, london by taylor swift, come down soon by lizzy mcalpine and this playlist

about the blog:

This blog was created in December 2014, at first solely for personal purposes, serving as an online diary. These days, I mostly write about anything that interests me such as books, TV shows, movies (read: fangirl rants) as well as some life reflections and any current events in my life. This blog has no niche, simply because I don't want it to have one. Why choose one if you can write about anything? I also write some not-so-poetic poems and publish them here, with only a little shame. That being said, this is an informal blog. I write the majority of posts in English and if I'm reviewing anything that is made in Bahasa, I will use Bahasa or Manglish to write it.

The blog template I'm currently using was designed by Eve. Most pictures from this blog are from Stocksnap, the pictures and gifs I googled are credited to their rightful owners and some pictures are mine. The content warnings that I include in my book reviews are mostly obtained from the Book Trigger Warnings website, the Content Warning Database created by Fadwa from WordWonders or made by readers on Goodreads.

P.S. Do contact me if I didn't credit any of your designs in my blog.

"Who are you? Answer: you are who you are in this given moment. Label-less. Limitless." - Connor Franta

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