How To Make Everyone Love You (You Don't)


I was one of those people who will do almost anything to make people around me love me. Even if I really didn't want to do the things, I would still do it, because in my mind, these people might love me if I do what they want and satisfy their desires. Guess what? Even after years I tried to make some people satisfied with me, they still chose to go and leave me. It was heartbreaking, of course. The people you thought you would spend the rest of your life hanging out with suddenly just decided that you're not in their lives anymore.

My point today is, no matter how much you try to satisfy people and make them love you, some people will always see that one flaw of yours and suddenly they don't love you anymore. But we, humans, are not perfect. We're flawed. We do mistakes from time to time. Even people who try to hide their flaws still accidentally show their flaws sometimes. Being a flawed person isn't really a big deal, it's natural for us humans. We're not prophets. As long as we learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat the same mistakes, it's fine.

How to make everyone love you? You don't. There are some people who will love you no matter how flawed you are and how many mistakes you have done. If you have found those people right now, give more efforts to appreciate those people instead of trying to make other people love you. If you haven't, please know that you're not unlovable. You're just as lovable as everyone else. You will find someone who will love you for who you are. And when you found that person, cherish them.

And please note that this isn't a post that encourages you to just make mistakes unapologetically, I'm just saying that no matter how much you try to satisfy people, you can't satisfy everyone. When people criticize you, yes, it will hurt your pride and ego. But try to practice the buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih (ignore the negative and take the positive) practise when people criticize you. Not every critics are hate comments, guys. When you see something positive in someone's critic, take it to be a better person. Life is also about your inner development. And maybe some people who criticize you can help you with that.

These are just my 2 cents. If you have your own thought about this, do share in the comment section below. I would love to hear it!

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