A Letter To My Younger Self;


Dear younger me (the 13 years old one specifically),

Be ready for anything. Now, you might feel like you're on top of the world; with the nice, understanding, cool friends and the feeling of freedom. But you never know how or when these great things that happen to you right now will be gone. Just because this happiness feels like it can last the eternity, doesn't mean it wouldn't end. Everything that occurs in your life will somehow end. Some things do end up in a good way, but some don't. Some words might left unsaid forever and you'll never know the reasons why they end up that way.

Love yourself. You did a lot of mistakes and you'll do some more. Just because of that, it doesn't mean that you don't deserve to be loved by people and yourself. People make mistakes all the time, the only difference between one person with another one is whether they learn from it or not. Be the one who learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them. You often say that we should try to forgive the people who did wrong to us because nobody's perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Why don't you use that on yourself? You should realize that you're just a human, you're far from perfect, and you make mistakes, so you should try to forgive yourself.

It's okay to be sad, feel down and cry out loud for a while. But never let it gets any longer. Never let it gets too far where it reaches the point where you're giving up on yourself. When it gets that far, it's far from okay. Ma might be too busy to listen sometimes, but she'll listen nonetheless. Maybe she wouldn't understand you the way you're hoping she would but try to understand that no one really understands yourself the way you do. So when it reaches the point where you feel like giving up, go to Ma and say right to her face that you need her to listen. Then, let out the things that are burdening you so much and just cry in front of her.

After all, you're the only daughter and she's the only one you get if your girl friends aren't there for you.

It'll going to be okay, sooner or later. So until this phase ends, strengthen your heart and mind 🙆

future pyps. xo


  1. I adore your writing girl. keep it up !

  2. I can see that you're growing up mature!
    It's a good post, I might do this in the future! can I?


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