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Hello. I'M BACK! for a while. It's true that ideas come to you when you don't have time to write anything. It's happening to me Y_Y Back to the post. Thanks to BudakVanilla for tagging me to do this, I really love doing tags! I love doing Q&A, it's really fun for me. 🙌


   1. Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

   2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

   3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

    4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.


1. When do you start to know my blog? :3

- I think it was 2013/2014 when I was looking for bunches of blog tutorials. I used a lot of your tutorials and it was really really helpful!

2. What is your animal spirit and why?

-The Deer (because Playbuzz said so😀) but it really is my spirit animal. I took tons of tests before on Quotev and majorly I got deer as my spirit animal. 

Truth be told, I do have these characteristics. 

3. Pick an item at your right side and that gonna be your weapon in zombie apocalypse, what is it and how you gonna use it?

-Talc powder... Maybe I can use it to cover my smell? Or maybe blow the talc into the zombies' eyes (do they even use their sight?).

4. If you are in a home and there is a zombie attack outside, where the safest place to hide and why?

- The safest place to hide... is probably the storeroom. There is no window in our storeroom and the door can barely open. Unless if animals can turn into zombies and lizards and cockroaches zombies can come into the storeroom... oh no.

5. Give 3 reasons why you love blogging. Do you love blogging?

- Of course I love blogging💕 It's one of my favorite hobbies after reading. The reasons are...
1. I'm not very fond of talking in front of people but I have a lot of opinions I would like to point out. Blogging quite solves this.
2. I love reading! From blogging, I can discover a lot of other blogs and read their stories.
3. I love the blogging community. I know a lot of people from just blogging and they are very great people.

6. Backpack or sling bag?

- Backpack. I would really love to use sling bag but I can't because I have too many essentials. I bring at least one book everywhere, my water bottle, a cardigan, power bank and these things take too much space. Help me.

7. I love music. Recommend me some of your favorite music genre and songs.

- This is quite hard. I have diverse fav music genre so here they are:

Ed Sheeran - Supermarket Flowers
Ed Sheeran - How Would You Feel
Secondhand Serenade - Lost
All Time Low - Dirty Laundry
Taylor Swift - All Too Well
Little Big Town - Better Man (I prefer Alex G's cover of this song)
Oh Wonder - Without You
Led Zeppelin - Thank You
The Cure - Letter To Elise

K-POP (oh well I can't help myself)
iKON - Just Go
iKON - Apology
BigBang - Last Dance
BigBang - If You
Akdong Musician - Be With You
Vanilla Acoustic - The Time We Shared
BTS (Jin) - Alive
Lee Hi - Breathe 

8. Pizza or burger?

-Pizza with a lot of cheese or burger with a lot of mayonnaise. 

9. What do you think about girls/boys who is wearing spectacles?

-They should take care of their eyes in order not to increase their spectacles' power. That's a thought to myself too since I'm one of those 'four-eyed' people. I think people who are wearing spectacles are so common these days, 11/16 people in our class wear spectacles.

10. Plain shirt or checkered shirt?

- Checkered shirt. My obsession.

11. Some words for your silent readers?

- Hello! Thanks for reading my random rants, I swear that it means everything to me. I love writing, but I want you to love what I write too, so please please please tell me if there is any mistake or anything you want to say about what I write. Do tell me your opinions about my blog, because it means so much to me.

Now it's time for me to give questions! 

1. When and why do you create your blog?

2. Which one is your favorite: Hindi, Thailand, Korean or Western movies?

3. Based on number 2, what is your favorite movie?

4. If you can bring one favorite character to life, who is it, and why?

5. Share 3 of your dreams when you were a little kid.

6. Guilty pleasures? It can be book, music, band, movie, anything.

7. What is your current favorite song?

8. You are given an amount of money and asked to choose whether to use it for travelling or buying books. Which one would you choose?

9. There is a fire in your house! You can only bring 3 things. What are they?

10. What horror story from childhood that still scare you until now?

11. Do you have any advice for me to improve my blogging skill?

I'm tagging Liyana, Sha, IntAina S and anyone who is interested! Please leave your comment below if you want to do this tag :)

Pypaa. xoxo


  1. thanks for the willingness to do this kind of tag <3
    LOLed at #3, a creative way i must say. hahhahaa
    thanks for the songs recommendation!
    i've listened most of the songs list in KPOP except by the iKon. will definitely check em out :D

    1. I had fun typing this post! Thanks again for tagging me :) Sure! Go ahead and listen to them, because they are my favorite KPOP group right now.

  2. thank you so much for the tag and sorry for the late response! much love xx


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