november favourites🧣🍂 | my favourite red vault song, anime and more


I haven't written a post of my favourites for so long! I missed it so much. It's one of my favourite kinds of posts to write, actually. So people, how was your November? As I'm writing this, I'm one week away from my mid-term exams and two weeks away from my mid-semester break. I'm a third-year student now, doesn't time fly so fast? It seems like it's only yesterday that I started my foundation. Life has been understandably hectic, but so far, it's bearable. What gets me through this mentally-exhausting month is of course my family and so many other things that brought so much joy to me.

favourite thing #1: my youngest brother's hug!

A warm hug from a person you love goes a long way. My youngest brother is seven, and since he's still at a cute, pamper-able and hugable age, I'm not going to waste the time I have left to baby and pamper him and stuff. So now, every time I'm taking a little break from doing my assignments or revising, I go out of my room and go hug and baby him.

favourite thing #2: k-on!

I FREAKING LOVE THIS ANIME. Okay, it's not my favourite anime ever or even favourite of the year, but it brought so much joy to my inner child self. I didn't have a chance to watch this anime when I was a child, I think it was on Animax (?) and we didn't have that channel and I'm so grateful I got to watch it now that I'm older and everything is so accessible through the internet. This anime is the cutest thing ever, it made me pick my guitar up again and just radiates nothing but warmth and joy. It got me through the toughest week of November. On a side note, do recommend me any anime that has the same vibe as K-On, I tried starting another anime but kept failing😭

favourite thing #3: red (taylor's version) album

Red is one of my favourite albums from Taylor and I was just... so happy that I got to re-experience the album all over again with the addition of some song we haven't heard before! I was one of those Swifties that wanted nothing but to listen to the full version of All Too Well for years and THE 10 MINUTES VERSION DIDN'T DISAPPOINT AT ALL, AND IT'S EVEN ADDICTIVE. I can play only that song on repeat for a week and won't be bored of it. It's definitely is my favourite song off Red. However, if we're talking about the other From The Vault songs, my favourite is definitely Nothing New. That song👏🏻 Not gonna get into details, but it's just so relatable👏🏻

favourite thing #4: naturals tea tree pre-shampoo clay mask

I dyed my hair three times this year. I know some people who dyed a hell lot more times than I did in a year and although those people's scalps weren't affected so much, mine was affected. My scalp got so itchy all the freaking time and I wanted to wash my hair every day. Thanks to Naturals Tea Tree Pre-shampoo Clay Mask (no I'm not sponsored), my scalp is getting better. My scalp feels healthier and cleaner and I'll never stop using this product for my scalp.

favourite thing #5: cosmos album by my favourite man, b.i

Before I say anything, go stream Cosmos music video for clear skin! I mentioned his debut album a few months back in a post and during that time, I didn't expect his second album to come so fast. I was so happy when he announced this album. Music-wise, the songs in this album are actually very, very good. It's a no-skip album, and I'll be saying this even if I'm not a huge fan of him. As opposed to his first album, in this album, we're served with feel-good happy songs that make you feel like you're in love as well as some hip-hop songs with sick beats for you to hype yourself up with.

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