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Maxcy and me, Bukit Janggut, 22nd July 2023. Photo by Tiqah.

There's something sad about this
that I can't quite put into words.
Like I'm de-attaching something
after being attached to it,
Like leaving
after deciding that I want to stay,
But I also don't want to be stuck 
to the same old place.
Every action of mine
contradicts my decisions,
And these days,
I'm starting to be repulsed by my own reflection.
Time is doing its job,
And I don't think I like it this time.
There's something maddening about this
that I can't quite put into words.

230621/mungkin takut perubahan - lomba sihir

I wrote it about a month before the end of my internship. I panicked and got emotional because something so good was ending. This one is slightly unfinished, and a bit of a mess. I don't know how to finish and edit it, and that's okay.

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