3 Things That Make Me Happy


I think that it's crazy how some people think that only certain big things that can make them happy. Money, fame, glam or whatsoever. I'm not saying this just by watching things from afar, I've seen this in front of me, I've seen within my circle. It's ridiculous to see happiness in one particular thing only. Where's the enjoyment? Even if that thing makes you happy, is it permanent? Try to seek happiness in every little thing you see. That way, your happiness might last a little longer.

I've been sad for a long, long time. I don't think that it will ever leave me. It's like the sadness is living inside of me, the way it affects me is its activeness. But just because I'm sad, it doesn't mean that I need to stay in the darkness forever. So, after a few months of being sad, I try to stand again. Still trying. It's so hella hard, but I try. Still trying. 

So, these days, whenever I feel upset, I turn to the things/people that make me happy.

01. Babies

Yup. One of my hobbies is watching baby videos. I have four annoying younger brothers and two of them are still so little. Not so little. One of them is 6 years old and the other is 3 years old. They are annoying. But still, I can't help myself from watching cute baby videos and laughing with them and longing to kiss them. Watching Yusuf Iskandar and Selma Malika has been my weekly routine now. 

2. Wedding videos.

Colleen and Josh's wedding video has been my favorite for months now. Everytime I watch the video, it lets me dream again. Everytime my heart broke for a boy I haven't even dated (huh) I watch the video and let myself dream again, I would always think, that person will come, he will come, but not now, not here, not now. You're still a kid (HAHA). 

P.S.: They're divorced, though. But I still love them.

03. Spending time with the people I love.


I hope all of you too, no matter wherever you are, whoever you with, choose to do the things that'll make you happy (unless it brings bad things to other people).

Nabila. xo

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