me procrastinating + little tips on how to beat it


If there is such a thing called professional procrastinator, I'm totally one. It's a really bad habit that is totally not good for my life, I know. But when there are plenty of k-dramas to watch and there is a good WiFi line, how can I ever pass up the opportunity to watch k-dramas? I'm a big fan of k-dramas and a fan gotta do what a fan gotta do okay (am I using this right).

Sure, exam is around the corner and instead of sitting here swooning over Yook Sung Jae on School 2015 or writing this post, it's better I pick up and read my notes. But that can wait until later. This WiFi line isn't going to last long and I'm gonna use it as much as I can.

But in case you're here too, procrastinating and wasting time by reading my post about me procrastinating, here are 3 things that totally (really?) can help you, according to wikihow and some other sources:

1. Break tasks down into small chunks (wikihow)

It's simply like how it sounds, break your tasks down into smaller task. For example, the big task: clean my room -> just pick up the dirty clothes on my floor and put it into the laundry basket (smaller task). That's how it sounds to me, at least.

2. Give yourself motivation to not procrastinate (everyone's tip)

Some people give themselves pep talk so that they would feel motivated to do their task. Some read motivational articles. Some watch youtube videos. Personally, this doesn't work for me. I often get distracted by searching for motivation. I read a blog post about procrastination and there is another recommended post with the title: how to be productive. I. Can't. Resist.

3. Stay away from social media, internet & anything that has to do with entertainment (other than that playlist you use to be productive while doing your task)

Social media, internet and anything entertaining are addictive okay? It's dangerous for your goal to not procrastinate.

People, lets us all stop procrastinating and start doing what we should do! We can rest later but now, we need to work. (Even to me this doesn't sound good.) 

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