My 16th Birthday | What Happened


Last 11th January, I had my 16th birthday yeay yeay yeay 🙌 It was a blast, my 16th birthday is the best birthday I ever had, thanks to my very beloved precious family and my beloved friends, batch-mates. Last year's birthday was very worse for me and that made me hate my last years of school even more, but this year's birthday made me forgot that I ever hated my school years.

What I'm grateful of:

I made it to my 16th year. It is a hell one of roller coaster life. There were some events that made me thought that I was going to die, but Alhamdulillah I didn't.

This year's birthday was the best birthday ever. Last year's birthday wasn't fun, was really un-fun, I hate it, it was the worst birthday ever. It was on Monday, the first day of school for another form 4 students, it was real bad. But this year made up for it. I celebrated my birthday morning at school with my beloved friends.

A small birthday surprise. Thanks to my beloved batchmates, JELO for singing happy birthday song to me when I really wanted to go pee at toilet. The story was, my friend, Fauziah asked me to accompany her to the toilet (which was so unlikely her) and when we reached the next class, she pulled me into the class. I thought she really wanted to go to the toilet, and I accompanied her because I also wanted to pee. But guess what? Almost all the form 5 girls were at the class and they started singing happy birthday to me. I was slightly segan and embarrassed because it brought attention from other students, but I was ecstatic nonetheless. I was speechless, thanks again JELO.

Delicious birthday cake. My birthday cake was 2 days late, not that I mind, at least I have my birthday cake this year. It was a very delicious chocolate cheesecake made by Ma. It was a thousand times better than the fruit cakes that almost every bakery at my town always made. I. Hate. Fruit. Cakes. Except if it has cheese/chocolate on it too.

Unfortunate events:

I need to run back home when I already arrived at school. Not that home was too far, but the need to run made me sweat in the morning of school, on my birthday. Just for a Chemistry work book that in the end I don't even use on that day. What a waste of time. What a waste of fat.

My experiment failed. In Chemistry class that day, we were supposed to do an experiment. It required a lot of apparatus and when I was setting up the things for experiment, I broke an apparatus. It was already retak to begin with, so it wasn't entirely my fault. Then, we were given a new apparatus and we continued setting up the experiment. It seemed like the unfortunate-ness was following me around because just when we started the experiment, I broke the very same apparatus. Wow Afifah Nabila. Wow.

Acting failure. If you know me, you'll know I'm never a good actress. I'm suck in acting. I'm always too nervous that when I act, I forget every dialogue I need to say. Or in some cases, I laugh too much when I'm acting. I did more than that during that day. I was supposed to act the role of Umi from Silir Daksina. The other actors and even me weren't really ready, we didn't even do any rehearsal for it even when it was for our ULPS (Ujian Lisan blah blah blah for SPM). And these things happened:

- I was too nervous to act the expression I practised hundred times before.
- My acting partner didn't have really much preparation and made up spontaneous dialogues. I wasn't really ready for that and it was hard to make up spontaneous dialogue.
- I stuttered and almost cursed in public during the acting.

So yeah, that was my 16th birthday. I was planning another kind of post for my birthday, but the post isn't finished yet. It is coming, but maybe after I get a little more free-er. Thanks to those who remembers my birthday and wishes me a lot of things. I really appreciate the wishes and I love all of you who's always supporting me! 💞

Pypaa. xoxo


  1. Happy belated birthday! May Allah bless you. It was just a bad day, though not a bad life. Chin up girl!

    1. Point agreed. Thanks for the motivational advice and the wish! :)

  2. i hope it is not to late to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY dear, hope u'll always be happy.
    u so lucky for having some surprises from ur friends! :D

    1. Thank you for the wish! I'm so lucky for having them hehe :D

  3. lucky you! I haven't celebrate my birthday for like 8 years now :(

    1. alhamdulillah that I have these people around me. aw, I hope this year you'll get the best birthday celebration.


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