Marhaban Ya Ramadan! | Simple Ramadan Tips


Assalamualaikum and hello people. As you all know the holiest month of the year has finally come again. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, we are all given the chance to meet this month again. Time flies so fast, isn't it? Last year, I was fasting as a student and all my activities were still controlled by the school. Some of you might not know that I was a religious school student. So, every year during Ramadan, the school will organize a lot of activities so that the month won't be wasted. This is the first year I'm going to spend Ramadan with my own schedule and I'm quite excited to be honest.

In this post, there are some tips that I used from the years before and some that I haven't try but want to. So, these tips are specifically written to my fellow muslims.

1. Suhoor (Sahur): Prepare some food and water beside your bed in case you wake up late.

Missing a suhoor is a very common mistake people always do during Ramadan. When you miss a suhoor, you might not have enough energy to do a lot of things during the day, making you less productive. Some people might suffer with gastritis and end up breaking his/her fast because it's harmful to the body if s/he keeps fasting.

Hence, what you can do to not miss a suhoor is, prepare a bottle of water and some snacks beside your bed so that when your alarm rings the first time, you can easily reach for the foods and even eat while you're still lying on your bed jenis kemalasan apakah ini.

tbh, I got this tip from seeing Bom on Roommate😂
Or you can eat before you sleep, but you have to keep in mind that it'll not be the same as the suhoor right before Fajr. You might get hungry again when you wake up. Plus, delaying the suhoor is a sunnah.

Here are some simple but yummy (and also energizing) foods that you can prepare for suhoor.

2. For the girls: Use the calendar to track how many days of fasting you need to qada.

I used this tip for a few years already because I'm such a forgetful person. Every year, before Ramadan I'll get a little paranoid about whether I already qada all my fasting days or not. So to the other girls that have the same problem, I got you covered! I personally recommend using a period tracker app and don't forget to register and sync your account so you won't lose your information even when you change/format your phone.

Here is the app I use to track my period. It's cute and easy to use. In the second picture, the pink part shows how many days you're on your period so tracking how many days you should qada your fasting is easy peasy lemon squeezy😉

P/S: You can always use the usual calendar app or your own real calendar. It's up to you.


3. Some tips for the too busy people:

  • The simplest tip: Do everything with the niat to make it ibadah. Whether you are cooking, walking, working, sleeping, if you do it with the niat for Allah, it will be counted as an ibadah, insya-Allah. As long as the thing you do isn't sinful lah.

  • Download a Quran app on your phone and play the recitations whenever you can (while driving, on a bus, etc). Ramadan only comes once a year, why don't you replace the music you usually listen to, to some Quran recitations/zikrullah/nasyid? Not that you don't listen to music for the whole Ramadan, but make more time to get the Ramadan rewards 😊 You can just listen to the things I mentioned above on Youtube. My favorite:

4. For the one who want to lose some weight:

  • Exercise. You don't have to do hardcore workout, just do some light workout. If you have a specific part on your body you want to tone, search the workout on Youtube. Or you can do yoga, I personally love yoga a lot. If you never do yoga, now is probably the time to introduce yourself to yoga. I recommend Yoga With Adrienne!

  • Don't drink a lot of sweet drinks during the suhoor and iftar (especially iftar). It's better if you don't drink sweet drink at all. If you want to, drink some fresh, raw, 100% fruit juice that isn't mixed with sugar. Trust me, not drinking sweet drink during dieting and fasting makes a huge difference.

  • This is a risky tip (for those who are really determined to lose weight): Buy a little smaller size of baju raya that won't fit on you right now, but you think might fit if you follow your diet during fasting with full of discipline. Hang the clothes where you can see it everyday. This will be a huge motivation for you to continue your diet and workout and everything. Other tip that might work is, hang your favorite clothes that used to fit on you because baju raya is too risky (our raya week is on the line here!)😂 I haven't try this tip yet but it might work!

05. Set a limit of money usage to buy foods for iftar when you go to bazaar.

People waste a lot of food during Ramadan because whenever they go to bazaar, they buy a lot of foods but during the iftar, they can't even finish half of the food they bought. Such a waste. Controlling your nafsu might be harder because you're hungry and you see a lot of foods, of course you'll want to eat and swallow all of them. Hence, in order to avoid wastage, set some amount of money that you'll use to buy foods for iftar. No addition. Just those amount of money. This way, you won't have to waste foods and money.

I hope that you guys will be able to use some of this tips and all of us can make the most out of this year's Ramadan🙌

Do you have other Ramadan tips you want to share? Feel free to comment down below💗


  1. tips last tu😂 kena cuba petang ni. selalu sngt terlebih beli

    1. kan, me too :D in the end semua makanan tak dapat habiskan pun, sayang je.

  2. I always use no 1 tip as I'm too lazy to wake up from my bed haha. I want to loose weight but I don't dare to buy smaller baju raya hee

    1. Tip no 1 is my favorite too, hehe. Right? It's too risky to buy smaller baju raya. Maybe some people who are really determined la yang boleh buat.


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