we will always miss you, nenek


The memory of this day is still fresh in my mind. The first Eid without Atuk, probably the hardest Eid for Nenek, harder than all of ours. Exactly on the 242nd day of Atuk's passing, Nenek followed him. She had been sick for months already. She missed him so much, I'm sure of that.

I stayed with her a month and a half after Atuk passed away. I can still remember her daily routine by heart. Her favourite Turkish TV show, her smell, the foods she loved to cook, the time she would take her meds, how she talked about arwah Atuk; if I could go back to this time just to hear her voice again, I would. I wouldn't take my eyes off her when she talks and does anything.

She was one of the strongest, greatest, wonderful women I had ever known. She was a fantastic mom to her children and grandmother. Even until her last few days, she was one of the people I looked up to and will forever look up to until I die. 

May you rest in peace, Nenek. We all miss you. We love you.


  1. salam takziah to you and your family, Nabila. please stay strong, okay? <3

  2. innalillahiwainnailahirajiun.

  3. salam takziah my dear. im sure she's in the best place she needs to be.

  4. innalillahiwainnailahirajiun. My deep condolences for your lost, Nabila. Semoga arwah ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang beriman. Be strong dear


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