I'M BACK + a short rant about blogging


If you managed to read this post, it means I finally have the mental energy to actually finish writing this. Hi! My last post was posted about 3 months ago, and wow that was such a long time ago. So many things happened since then. The biggest reason I paused blogging was that I resumed my second semester on June and my lecturers just dropped a whole bunch of assignments to finish with very limited time, and I decided to just focus on my studies. The semester was a literal roller-coaster ride, I had a few nervous breakdowns throughout finishing the semester, but I survived everything, and I'm here now, so that's what matters the most, folks!

During my hiatus, I've been thinking a lot about this blog. Before getting into that, wow this new Blogger interface is looking pretty good. Not many have changed besides the design and a few improvements for the writing experience but it's better than the last interface. I had been active in my bookstragram account before June and most of my friends there blog on WordPress and that made me want to move my blog, NOT BECAUSE I HAVE A FOMO but mainly because I want to be able to interact more with my friends. On the other hand, after getting to know how blogging WordPress a little bit, blogging on Blogger feels a bit boring. Maybe it's because I've been blogging here for about 9 years and nothing is really exciting for me anymore. But your girl here is too attached to Blogger, very much in love with her current Blogger theme and is actually a lazy person so moving to WordPress might not happen even after this year ends lol, we'll see.

I actually want to do my usual catch up post (read: august 2019 | september 2018 | may 2018) but I want to try something new by breaking it into a few posts so we'll see if I have the energy to write those. But for now, this is it for a little life update.

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