5 TV Shows I've Been Obsessing Over In The Past Few Months


I'm gonna be real with you in this post. For a self-claimed huge book-lover, I watch TV shows more than I read every year. And I really want to say that I watch a lot of educational, beneficial or at least TV shows with meaningful contents but to be honest, my yearly watchlist mainly consists of comedy, teenage dramas, another bunch of comedies, sitcoms and an annual rewatch of Friends. I keep adding TV shows to my Netflix list but to be honest, I'm probably never gonna watch those until I run out of sitcoms to watch and rewatch. And as shown in my TV Time profile I'm ashamed to say that these past few months hadn't been different. Below is the list of my favourites among all the TV shows I have been shamelessly binge-watching:

New Girl

If Friends was my sitcom of the year in 2018, followed with How I Met Your Mother in 2019, New Girl is undoubtedly my sitcom of the year for 2020. AND I never thought there would ever be a day where I said this, but THIS SHOW IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE SITCOM OF ALL TIME, BEATING FRIENDS.

This show was so much better than Friends in many different ways and although there are some repeated tropes, this show was mostly original or at least in my history of TV, it is. The characters were the most relatable characters I've ever watched in my history of TV and I love all of them with my whole heart. 

Character developments? CHECK. Plot development? CHECK. Originality? CHECK. And one of the things that I really love is that there was no laughing soundtrack so I knew whenever I laugh, it's because I genuinely thought that it is funny lol.

It's Okay to Not be Okay

This show was all the hype in June/July and it deserves all the hype it gets. I cried watching this show countless times. This was one of my anticipated 2020 TV shows and usually, I have the highest expectations for the things I really anticipate. This show, though, didn't just pass my expectation, it was more than what I expected. I love how different it was; mental illness was one of the main themes, with mystery and such a beautiful romance being its other themes. The characters went through such a huge mental growth and by the time the show ended, I couldn't believe how much the characters have grown. And we have all the actors to thank for that!

Dr Romantic, Teacher Kim

This was also a very hyped k-drama a few months back and I agree, it was a very good k-drama. I haven't finished the second season yet but I can say with full confidence that this show will make it into my top 10 TV of the year. I JUST LOVE A GOOD MEDICAL TV SHOW!

I love seeing how dedicated those doctors to their job and oath and seeing them battling with themselves for what's wrong and what's right, although frustrating, was also exciting. It kinda makes me want to be a doctor but I know myself well enough to know that I would not survive even the first year of medical study lol.

Haunting of Hill House

I actually watched this one back in May but I never talked about it besides in my anticipated upcoming TV shows post and I think that it's WAY TOO GOOD TO NOT BE TALKED ABOUT. WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS TV SHOW? Or was I not on the internet when it was hyped up? I rarely see this show come up on Twitter, Instagram and even among my friends!

I'm not a horror fan but this TV show made me into one. I literally binge-watched this in the span of a day when I was also busy baking eid cookies. It's still a wonder to me how did I finish the whole series with full focus when I was baking biscuits or that none of the biscuits I baked that day was burnt lol.

This show was not just horror, it was horror, mystery and family drama combined and although it sounds very average horror TV show, the combination of the three was so good. The horror depended a lot more on the storyline than just jump scares. I can't wait to watch the second season!

A Piece of Your Mind

I initially started to watch this because of the main actors, Chae Soo-bin whose dramas I watched before and adore so much and Jung Hae-in which I adore mainly because he's cute and the exact physical depiction of my type. 

Once I started watching it, though, I couldn't shut up about it in my Whatsapp status (rip my mutual contacts) because it was just so gosh darn good.

It was about traumas, relationships and how all those relationships helped them to grow and find ways to heal. I highly appreciate the mental illness representations in this one (can we talk about how amazing it is that there are more and more mental illness representations in k-dramas these days), especially because I watch it during my mental health was in an all-time low.

honourable mentions: when the devil calls your name, the umbrella academy s2

still watching: that '70s show, family reunion, peaky blinders, glee

Do you have any TV show that surprises you in a good way in the past few months?


  1. When I was in school I'm into merlin , supernatural , vampire diaries but now my kpop side have been increased drastically and took over all my watching list Lol

    But my last kdrama that I watched is CLOY hahaha I know its old but I only drama marathon when I'm on mood

    But all movie that you had suggested just so good and I'm going to watch for its OK not to be OK .

    1. I'm watching TVD now hahaha! Back then when all those shows were a thing I didn't really have any access nor time to watch them but now that I do, I'm slowly binge-watching my way through them ehehe.

      CLOY was good haha I liked it but it was too sweet for my taste sksksk

      It's Okay to Not be Okay was sooooo good so excited for you to watch it xx


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