I just can't finish a book and it's driving me mad



You know how I'm a self-proclaimed book-obsessed nerd? Well, it's not going so well for me in that area. My bookstagram friends are all spending their time breaking their reading challenge records in the middle of this pandemic and I'm so jealous because I just can't seem to finish a book. I HAVE MORE FREE TIME THAN USUAL AND I SHOULD BE READING MORE THAN THIS BUT I JUST CAN'T. I managed to finish my Goodreads 2020 reading challenge and although for some people that's great, my very critical self won't let myself be satisfied with this. I see all these very interesting new books coming, backlisted books that are people are hyping up again and so I add all these new books to my TBR list but none of the books is going to be read soon. TBR SHOULD BE DECREASING OR AT LEAST, THE NUMBER OF BOOKS THAT ARE GETTING IN AND OUT OF THE BOOKS SHOULD BE BALANCED, NOT INCREASING! I'm just very mad at myself.

Listen. I read 60+ books during my SPM year and mind you, my workload back then was very huge, my schedule very packed. I used to read up to 3 books per day and I could finish a whole trilogy in a day. So when I can't seem to finish a book in a day where I have absolutely nothing to do, I get so frustrated. I usually finish a Malay book in less than 5 hours and NOW I CAN'T EVEN FINISH THE MALAY BOOK I STARTED LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO. And I absolutely like this book. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!

I don't think it's a reading slump because my usual reading slump consists of me not being able to understand one word in a book and leading me to not reading at all. But in this current situation of mine, I can read and understand what I read but I get so distracted and I HATE IT. I want to just escape into the other world in the book that I read but I CAN'T SEEM TO ESCAPE REALITY. It's so frustrating. What do you even call this situation? A semi reading slump?

Let me know if you had a similar situation with mine! I would love to know how you get out of this weird situation. 

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