how my january 2022 went!


Wow, it's February already. Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating! I saw a lot of posts on Twitter saying how January was going so slowly in the middle of the month and those guys couldn't be more wrong. I'm thinking about starting monthly wrap-up posts again this year. It's my favourite kind of post to write and I miss posting regularly. It's also a good way to summarize and document my month in one go. But that's just a plan I had, on the top of my head, we all know I'm not the one to go through with my plans, especially since I'm on my third year of university already and I'm swamped with work. Here's how my January went:

I turned 21!

Is turning 21 a big deal? I'm not so sure because I already had my panicking over getting into my 20s last year. My birthday this year was very low key, which was exactly what I wanted. My family and best friends wished me the sweetest birthday and I stayed home all day finishing my assignments. I didn't even get a cake until the last week of January because all of my family members were so busy! I feel a little bit more grown-up this year, more mature. I also wrote a FutureMe letter for my next year's birthday, which is pretty sentimental but hey I am that sentimental!

Favourite TV show of the month: The Red Sleeves

This show, is no doubt, one of my favourite Korean historical dramas. The main plotline was superb, the political plotline was not overly dramatic and annoying (which means it won't stress you out and you can actually watch this to unwind), the characters were lovable and the romance was everything I wanted; it was a sweet, slow-burn (but also not) nemesis-to-lovers trope (refer to the pictures above) and their ending made me cry both happily and sadly. Lee Se-young and Lee Jun-ho did a great job here. Top tier k-drama here, guys, you all should watch it! Just don't watch it in a day like I did because I had a minor meltdown right after I finished the drama at 5 in the morning🙂

My first book of the year: The Invisible Life of Addie Larue.

This was a book I had been wanting to read since it was first published in 2020 and I only had a chance to read it at the beginning of 2022, which I'm not complaining about, by the way. I got the physical copy of this book about RM20 off from MPHonline and it was a special edition too. Clearly, God was making me put buying the book off for a year just for me to get a pretty edition of the book, less expensively. If you're interested in knowing more about the book, you can read the synopsis or my review on Goodreads and if you're Malaysian, do check it out on MPHonline.

I started working out again...

And it's great. It makes me feel great like I'm taking care of myself more. I'm not dieting or anything I'm just trying to get more fit before I go back to campus again and start my final year project, which requires a great deal of moving if I'm to have field trips. For now, I'm just doing some indoor 10000 steps workout by ThankYouBubu, or when I'm lazy some Jane Fonda's aerobic workout. Just a little cardio because I need to get my heart and lungs in shape again.

I'm at the end of my fifth semester!

I can't believe I'm in my fifth semester already. After this, I only have 3 more semesters before I'm graduating, THAT'S WILD. This semester is going better than the last one, which I'm super grateful for. I'm both excited and nervous about the upcoming semester because I'm going to start with my final year project already. Wish me luck with that😭😆

And with that, I bid you goodbye for now! Do tell me how your January went in the comments down below! Hopefully, I will have the time and will to write a wrap-up post again for February. I wish we all a good, nice, exciting month for February!


  1. Aaaa saya pun dah lama nak baca novel Invisible Life tuu tapi takde duit :')

    1. OMG yaaa mahal gilaaa. Harga paperback pun macam harga hardback, atau boleh beli 2 buku paperback lain. Kalau nak beli murah sikit kena tunggu sale kaw-kaw😭


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