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Photo by Patrick Clelland, from Lomography Magazine.

I saw a guy with your back,
So my heart skipped.
I never get to know him,
But he seems as lively as you'll never be.

I saw a guy with your brows,
So my heart squeezed.
This time, I created a whole personality for him in my mind,
And made him as kind as you'll never be.

I saw a guy with your heart,
So my heart shook.
I sprinted away from him the way I never did with you,
And made him as alien as you'll never be.

I saw a guy that's nothing like you,
Like a ray of sunshine,
With a warm smile,
The way I know you never was and will never be.
And this time I let my wall down,
Let him in and took his hand,
The way you never did mine.

220123/inspired by: all my ghosts – lizzy mcalpine


I have this Word file on my laptop titled 'growing pains' where I write stuff and I just thought that it would be fun to share some of them here from time to time :) This is fictional, by the way. Very much not from my non-existent romantic experience T.T All my ghosts by Lizzy McAlpine really does thing to me.  It was your birthday recently and this was written for you.

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