The Post-PT3 Phase ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™Œ


The dreadful week finally ended, alhamdulillah. The day where I can finally sleep with a light head and not much on my mind finally came. I finally can do all the things that I planned to do since the start of the year. Except. I can't. I just started my k-drama marathon but I had to stop it. Why? Because my beloved school already planned a lot of things for us, the form 3 student. Come on, I need a break too *internally crying and screaming*.

What I planned to do after PT3 ended: watch tons of k-dramas and movies, read a lot of books, learn to play guitar, learn to cook some dishes.

What my school planned for us:

01. Kem Jati Diri (Identity Camp?)

This program already ended. It started the day after PT3 ended, and ended yesterday. It's simply a camp where we were trained by soldiers in order to be disciplined, cooperative and wise in doing things. As simple as it sounds, it was tiring. Hella tiring. Now my face is sunburned, and my body is aching all over. We did jungle trekking, march training, explore race and a lot of things. Sure, it was tiring, but it was fun as well. We did a lot of things together as a batch and it was really fun.

02. Studying some form 4 subjects.

I don't know yet which subject we will be studying, but I'm just not ready yet. I don't want to study just yet, this should be the time I relax my mind *internally crying again*.

03. just a lot of things...

Sukaneka, public speaking, spelling bee competition, and jamuan (this one I love).


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