words I want to take back


If there's a time machine for you to back to the past,
Or a spell that can magic you into your younger self,
Which words would you want to unsay?
Which words do you wish never left out your mouth?
Which words that you wanted to erase from the history of your life,
Because you know those words
Are tattooed on someone else's brain
Probably tormenting them forever?

If there's a time machine for me to go back to my past,
Number one, I would go back to the time when I said I hated my grandma's foods.
I was seven, clueless to the weight of my words,
And Mama said Grandma's happy face became so sad afterwards.

Number two would be the time that I said that I didn't wanna share food with my friends.
I was five back then, not knowing how everything I do would affect my future.
Perhaps if I shared my foods back then,
My friends wouldn't leave me,
And a ten-year-old friendship would never end.
And number three was the time I admit I liked that one boy.
I was twelve and naive,
I didn't know just a word uttered from my mouth
Could be used against me.
Maybe if I had never said that,
My pride wouldn't be trampled on like dirt,
And I would not be talking like I'm walking on a glass today.

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