The Not To Do(s) When You Lose Your Phone


Exactly on 13 November, we were told that again, we needed to go to KK. When I got to know it, I felt the tired feeling crept into me. But when I know the venue of the program is at One Borneo Mall, guess who got overjoyed? Not me, but yes, I did feel happy about it. Imagine, this year, we (me and some of my classmates) went to KK half a dozen of times already and no matter how hard we plan to go to One Borneo, we were never there. And this time, we are at One Borneo for a day!

The events.

We went there by a huge green express bus. It was a new experience for me, I never went anywhere too far using a huge express bus. At first, I was excited because the bus was so grand (or so I thought). But when I start to feel nauseous, I took my words back. It was horrible! Even watching Cinta Paling Agung couldn't distract myself from my nauseousness.

Around 9 AM, we finally arrived with the nauseousness that is still there. Oh, the program that we joined was National Science Festival (how can I seriously forget to mention that?). Our nawaitu when we went there wasn't actually right. Right after we entered the mall, we already planned how can we shopping around the mall without being so obvious. Not exactly the right actions for supposedly a group of good students but you only live once. It's okay not to follow rules sometimes. 

Just because our main reason of going to the venue was to shop and eat a lot of good foods, it doesn't mean that we didn't participate in the program. It would be such a waste if we went there just to shop. Hence, we join some competition. And I joined the competition to build a skeleton. It was fun and we enjoyed it so much, not even thinking whether we would win or not. But we won the 3rd out of 7 place! We were hella surprised.

We were having the time of our lives. The program was fun, and the shopping was even more fun. And yes, we bought a lot of good foods as if we'll never eat foods that good again (and this is so not true).

What Not To Do When You Lost Your Phone:

Before I tell you the not to do(s), I'll tell you the behind the scene of my supposedly missing phone. We were having the time of our lives before we went to pray at the surau. We left our bags at the venue and let some of our friends took care of the bags. After we had done praying, we went straight to the bus because it was about time we return to Ranau. And then, I checked my bag for my phone to check if my Ma left any message. It. Wasn't. Anywhere. In. My. Bag. I panicked, and told the person in charge that I would go back to the mall just to check whether I left my phone there. She said okay.

I checked everywhere and there was nothing. I started to cry. Not caring who was being my audience of my pathetic-crying-as-if-I-lost-my-love-of-life scene, I cried. And when our guy friends told me the express bus had already left, I cried louder. It didn't create a scene, since they told us that at the quiet parking lot.

However, I felt so grateful that the van did not leave yet. At least, we could return to Ranau (even when my friend and I are the only girls in the van. The rest other were boys).

So, what not to do when you lost your phone?

  • Being too panicked that you didn't check all of your bags thoroughly. Guess where did I find my precious phone? It was in my other bag. Safe and sound. It was so embarrassing, all the crying for nothing.
  • Giving your phone number to the person in charge and not re-checking it. Because when the person in charge tried to call my phone, a person answered the call and the sound of rooster making its sound was the soundtrack of that phone call. Yes, you read me right. The sound of rooster.
  • Crying when you're panicked. This cause people around you to panic as well.

That's all for the post today. Until we meet again, see you :)

Pyps. xoxoxoxoxoox

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