wednesdays are the worst-


Doesn't everyone has that one day of weekdays that they totally hate? Well for me, that day is Wednesday. Wednesdays at school are the worst. There are extra curricular activities, the need to be under the sunlight during the afternoon, sweating a lot, being scolded because some people are late to the dataran, being tired, and tons of homework to do at night when all I want to do is to sleep. It's a busy and tiring day, every week.

Today is the worst Wednesday for my whole secondary school student life. It's just a bad day, I know, but my bad days are always on Wednesday. I always cry on Wednesday. It doesn't mean that I don't cry during the other days, but I cry the most on Wednesdays. Maybe it's the mindset about Wednesday, psychological thingy. But nonetheless, my Wednesdays are bad.

Today, I got ridiculed by the boys, it was so shameful. I'm obviously not in the mood to talk about it in details, so I'm just gonna say this: boys at my school are suck. Does it hurt so much to at least not hurt me? I'm not even asking them to respect me as if I'm a very good person (I'm not), I'm just asking not to be ridiculed and embarrassed in front of people. I already feel that my entire existent is an embarrassment, I don't have to be more embarrassed, okay?

Today, someone just throw their anger at me when I do nothing wrong. I don't know if that person hates me or what, but girl, you can't just get mad at me for no reasons. It's annoying. And I was already annoyed by the boys to begin with.

And today, I need to go to 3 different stores with not small distance, just to find 2 permanent markers. 3 different stores, for 2 little things. That's just annoying. So annoying.

Today is a very annoying day. But like they say, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. This too shall pass so I should be patient. If you're having a bad day, like me, I hope you're patient too.

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