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Hello! So here's the thing: my grade went down. I already expected it, given that it was our first time sitting on an exam with real SPM format. It was quite a challenge. My hand is still hurting due to too much writing. But still, I'm so grateful that it didn't go down too much. 

For your information, our school used a new system this year called 'PHP' system (I don't remember the full name of the system). Every teacher will give us marks based on our proactivity, attendance, homework and things like that. And that PHP marks will affect our exam marks as well. The higher our PHP marks, the higher our exam marks. At first, I didn't like this system but it's for our own good so I needed to learn to like it. Now, I see that the PHP marks actually help a lot in our exam marks. Although it's just a small percentage of the exam marks, it definitely affects the grade I get.

That's all for my short rant today.


  1. The PHP system kind of like merit in uni live. Teachers or lecturers control maybe 30-50% of our marks. I guess they applied it in school to improve students effectiveness in handling their homework & attendance. As long as u fulfill them then it shud be ok. at least u already cover 30-50% to passed in final exam. haha.

    ok fine, aku merepek. :p
    singgah n folo. me org sabah jua. haha.

    1. Thanks for the information! At least we're getting ready for the merit system in uni lah kan (seeing the positive side).

      Hai fellow sabahan :)


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