Watching These YouTubers Changed My Life


This post initially was about my favourite YouTubers in 2016. I'm updating this in 2020 and I see that  I no longer watch the majority of the YouTubers I previously mentioned here. Instead, I'm just gonna show the YouTubers I watched all the time in 2016 that have totally changed my life, helped me cope with life in 2016. You may count this one of my fangirl moments but I truly appreciate these YouTubers' videos. Previously mentioned YouTubers were Colleen Ballinger, Aspyn Ovard, MayBaby, LaurDIY and Gadis TV.

I still watch her videos in 2020. I don't watch her Miranda videos very often anymore. I cried in class while watching her giving birth video and watching Erik treats her as precious as she is always makes me so happy. She's the reason I start my own journey to love myself better, the way she treats her family taught me how to treat mine, she taught me to have no prejudice against anyone no matter what their gender, race, skin colour, sexuality or whatever and her wonderful self inspires me to be wonderful as well.

If you tell me in 2016 that he would be big as he is right now, I'll totally believe you. I have no single artsy bone in my body but seeing him always makes me want to explore my nonexistent artsy side. What I love the most about him is that despite that his personality doesn't fit the gender stereotype, he's perfectly comfortable being the person that he is. He inspired me to be myself and explore the parts in me I didn't know existed. His singing is also stunning.

Hailey was the first Booktuber I followed and back then I didn't think that watching her videos would change my life so much but if you go to my Goodreads page, you'll see that most of the books I read are the ones that were recommended by her. Her videos helped me a lot when I started reading again and I cannot thank her more for that.

I watched her videos even before she dated Alex and I haven't watched her latest videos but her DIY videos helped me a lot in coping with some of the things in my life back then. I watched other DIY videos but I mostly followed her DIY videos for my own projects. Her tips for anxiety also helped me a lot. I don't do many DIY anymore these days but many things have changed since then and she is one of the YouTubers I want to thank if I ever have the chance to.


  1. OMG! Are you cereal? I love Miranda too. yah gang!

    1. Yeay ada gang! :D Miranda is annoyingly funny haha

  2. mula2 dulu tak tau pasal aspyn tapi lpas tgk dia dalam collaboration video dgn eva kalau tak silap trus fall in love dgn aspyn. she is really prettyyyyyy


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