The Amount Of Likes/Followers Don't Define You


I remember when I was a primary school student, my friends and I would talk about the beautiful people gang, the popular clique, and we wanted to be just like them. That was our highest ambition (other than being a group of awesome wedding planners lol). We read Ain Maisarah's Buletin Sri Bangsar and our aim was to be The Wannababes (we didn't even know what that means, it sounded so cool).

Then, we decided to listen to the latest music, change our Facebook's name to a cool name (my name was Fifae Ilae lol and it sticked to me like glue until now, even after I changed it to my real name), post cool Facebook statuses which was quotes back then, customize our profile to look awesome and etc. We tried so hard lol.

Somehow that still influenced me until today. The amount of my Instagram followers, my Twitter followers, the amount of hearts that I got for an Instagram post, and even my Blogger followers, they are like this grenade for me that could blow me up in any seconds. And that's so freaking scary and no matter how I run, I found myself feeling so unworthy and foolish and invisible because of these things. It's not okay.

Then, I think about this. Why do I feel sad?

And it hits me, when I realized that I define myself by these things. And the most stupid thing is, why do I define myself by these things? Am I just that to me? I thought myself worth more than that to me. Am I my Instagram followers? Am I my Twitter followers? Am I just the amount of likes and hearts and comments that I got in some normal simple tweet/instagram post? Am I just that?

The answer is no. It's never a yes.

Just because people don't see what you see, it doesn't mean that you're not worth it. Just because you're not as popular as someone you know, doesn't mean you're nothing. Just because being popular isn't your kind of life, doesn't mean that you have no other reasons to live. You have more reasons to live, and feeling sad and disappointed by these stupid things isn't worth it. You're worth it. You don't need to have people to say it. You're worth it, you're as beautiful as everyone is and you're a universe of something.

You're a universe full of galaxies and planets and stars and just because you don't see it, and just because people don't tell this to your face, it doesn't mean that it's not there. You're a whole lot more than what people define you.

The only person that could define you, is yourself. Hell no sometimes even you can't define yourself. Only God can judge us, really.

So smile, because that means, you know how much yourself worth to you. Only then will people see what you worth.

Pyps. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. i agree with everything you said. the number of followers you have does not define you. in fact, it doesn't define anything except the fact that you're active on social medias. you shouldn't feel bad about it bcs i know i don't. chin up! :)

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