what I do when I have a migraine


There's no word that can describe how much I hate getting a migraine. It always comes during the times that I don't want to rest. It comes when I try to revise on an exam night or when I learn a new topic in Additional Mathematics class and the most annoying time I had a migraine attack was during exams. It's hard enough to try to remember something I just revised the night before but with my head throbbing in pain? It's almost impossible to write. I once cried during the exam because of my migraine attack.

So, what do I usually do during a migraine attack?

01. I try to sleep.

Weirdly, it's hard for me to sleep when I have a migraine attack. The pain is stronger than I want to sleep, I think? So, what I usually do is clearing my mind. There is this breathing technique I was taught; take a deep breathe for 2 seconds and release your breath for 4 seconds (you can pick a random duration for taking a deep breath but make sure to release your breath double that duration) and do this until I get less stressed. Then, usually, it's easier for me to sleep although the breathing thingy takes a long time until I calm down.

02. I drink coffee.

My mom said that I'm addicted to coffee because I used to drink it a lot in 2015. At first, I didn't really believe her because it wasn't often that I drink coffee. However, once, when I couldn't sleep during a migraine attack, I tried drinking coffee and magically it worked. Ever since then, whenever I can't sleep during a migraine attack, I drink coffee, wait for a few minutes for the coffee to kick in, and the pain decreases.

03. I take a shower.

A cold shower usually wakes me up and hot shower usually soothes me but both types of showers work to lessen the pain. Taking a shower takes my mind off things for a while and calm me down. It's the energy that is needed to get up and take a shower that is actually the problem.

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These are the things that worked for me, I hope if you're looking for help you can find it here. If these didn't work for you, do you mind sharing any tips that worked for you on reducing migraine pain?

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