The After-Vacation Effect



I was home since Wednesday. And heck the majority of time after I went back were spent on my bed either reading, eating, surfing the internet, watching videos, listening to music, or sleeping. So... productive. Please note the sarcasm. And the worst part is.. I haven't unpack my luggage yet. How pemalas anak dara sorang ni.

Excuse me but I'm still suffering from the after-vacation effect, is that wrong? I've been suffering fever and severe stomach ache for almost four days now, how impressive. I thought about posting about the trip to Langkawi and then my stomach starts doing this weird sound and mencucuk-cucuk motion.

I am scrolling down through my camera roll and looking at the pictures while we were there and playing 5SOS albums on repeat (because I only listened to their songs before, during and after the trip so the songs remind me to Langkawi). I'm obviously not over the vacation yet. But I also love home because it's home and I'm home and I can mereput on my bed watching Miranda's videos laughing like I'm insane.

People, after-vacation effect is the worst (if you feel the full experience of the effect). I ate too much spicy foods when I was there and my stomach ache is still exist after almost 4 days I left Langkawi.

Sorry that I ramble. I just want to update this blog, just because.



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