Quick March Outro X April Goals


I've been wanting to write this kind of post for so long, but I didn't have the time. Actually, I still don't have time to do anything on the Internet other than searching for information for pantun or my SPM speaking test. But sometimes, writing is too tempting and I can't hold myself back, so here I am writing my post.

It was a frantic month. With the exams, and the one week holiday I spent with house chores and worrying over my sick Granddad, the pantun competition at the beginning of the month, everything was just so, very hectic.

  • Ron Weasley's birthday (March 1st) - Ron turned 37 this year yay 🙆
  • Pantun competition (March 9th) - which we won *yay* but I put the team on risk of losing when I used the wrong words in my pantun
  • Exams with weird schedules - my exam result was shocking because it went down drastically. I blame myself for my lack of revision and the school for a weird schedule of exam. Imagine! 5 subjects a day for the exam? That was insane. 
  • First-term break - which I spent with house chores and worrying over my sick Granddad. Since I was the only girl left in the house because my Ma was at the hospital taking care of Granddad and my brothers were being my brothers, I was obliged to do all the house chores instead of relaxing (like how I planned my week before the holiday).
  • SEGAK test - SEGAK test is a physical fitness test that all of the students need to take and we need to do sit-ups, push-ups, naik turun bangku and jangkauan melunjur. And now my body hurts everywhere.
  • Koo Jun-Hoe's birthday (March 31st) - June turned 20 today💞
  • Book: The Raven Boys - I will do a review for this book later.
  • Book: Isla and The Happily Ever After - I finally finish the trilogy! You can read my short review of this book here. It was a very short review.
  • Book: To Kill A Mockingbird - It was a really good book. I adore Atticus, his belief and what he fought for. I love Jean-Louise (Scout) and Jem and everything in the book.
  • Music: Death Of A Bachelor (Album) by Panic! At The Disco
  • Music: ÷ (Album) by Ed Sheeran
  • Booktuber: A Clockwork Reader
  • Youtuber: Conan Gray

"Excellent time management is a source of energy, enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude."

Cikgu Windralela, our Biology teacher put this on our Biology papers. It was her way to tell us to do better in our time management to have a better result in everything.

  • Stop procrastinating. This is actually one of my 2017 goals and I'm still struggling to do this since I'm always too busy and when I want to do things that I need to, I am already tired. So. Stop procrastinating.
  • Read more books. March was a hard month, and from the school's takwim, I heard that April is going to be busier. Save me, please! I want to read more. There are tons of books in my TBR-list and it's so painful to see the books untouched.
  • Reduce my caffeine intake. I think I'm addicted to caffeine and I hate when I'm addicted to something. I hate being dependent to something or someone. I hate it when I get migraine whenever I don't drink a cup of coffee.
  • Be more organized. I found a hairbrush in my school file last month. Yup, that's how unorganized I was. I'm going to change that.
  • Drink more water. 
So that was my March wrap up and April goals. I can only give my best effort, pray and hope that everything will get much better in the next month. How was your month? I hope it is much better than mine.


  1. Keep enjoying your school hectic life now.. Life would never be the same when school is over.. hehe.. Anyways, 5 papers in a day is the the craziest thing I would say..

    1. 5 papers a day was crazy, I'm glad I'm still alive right now. Ahh right now I just want it to end quickly sebab I want to do anything I want freely but in the same time, I know I will miss the school life. Thanks for the advice, btw :)

  2. yay! ron is march baby like me. hahahhaha :D
    conan gray is my aesthetic source, love his songs and vids <3
    all the best for april goals. :)

    1. Hahahaha yay for you! I love conan gray so much too, his videos have good quality, he put so much effort in filming and editing the videos. Thank you, I wish you the best too :)


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