Why Converse Sneakers Are My Favorite


Coco Chanel once said "A woman with good shoes is never ugly." When I think about a good pair of shoes, I'll always think of something comfy and in the same time, not too old-fashioned. I must be comfortable in that shoes because I walk a lot, I swear. I often find myself using stairs when there are elevators and escalators available, I don't know why. I just love walking. I'm also a fast walker. Time is gold, they said, but that's not exactly why I walk so fast. I just walk fast. It's kinda like a habit, but the habit often brings advantage to me.

The only shoes that fits my criteria are sneakers. As much as I want to say I love high heels more, I honestly love my Converse more. I'll use high heels on occasion that requires dressing up but in my daily life? I'd rather wear sneakers. I've been using Converse sneakers since primary school and I have a lot of memories with my Converse; both good and bad memories. I use my Converse during school trips, I wore them a lot to my favourite place in town, I once almost got hit by a car while I was wearing Converse and a lot more. *I wonder why I suddenly get nostalgic with this Converse post*

I'm a huge fan of Converse sneakers, and here are some reasons why:

They are super comfortable.

As I mentioned above, I love walking and I'm a fast walker (even when I don't intend to be fast). I can walk around the places I want to without needing to have a break too many times. I can shop all I want in the shopping mall without feeling too tired because my shoes are soft and comfortable inside. It is so convenient!

Converse sneakers are unisex style shoes.

Fun fact: I'm the only girl among my siblings. Another fun fact: It's not fun. One of the pros of being the only daughter is I don't need to share my things with anyone. I can have my clothes and things all to myself. The con? If I need something, for example clothes, bags, accessories or whatever, I can't borrow my brothers' stuffs. Their stuffs are all too boyish and their stuffs wouldn't fit me well. However, as Converse sneakers are unisex style shoes, I can always borrow my brothers' sneakers. They might be a little too big, but I can always tighten the shoes. No one can avoid me from wearing Converse.

They are very affordable

Compared to other sneakers brand, for me, the most affordable is definitely Converse. There are people who own up to 10 (or more) Converse sneakers, that's how affordable the sneakers are. The shoes are comfy, unisex, stylish and not too pricey. What's not to love about the sneakers?

I can design my own converse sneakers.

Who wouldn't love to have self-designed sneakers? Not me. I would really love it. You can also design shoes as a gift to someone, whether it's your friends, siblings or lovers based on what they like. Just go to their website, design, and you are done.

Converse go with any outfit.

I don't really have to burden my mind with the "which pair of shoes will fit my outfit" every time I have an occasion I need to attend when I have my converse with me. Whether I am going for a cute, modest, or sporty look, my converse will always match my look.

An additional fact about Converse: They are not all about sneakers.  They also have many accessories to choose from. For the guys and girls who love the casual laid back style, chill out in Converse hats and bags. You can choose a backpack or sling bag depending on your mood. The sling bag is also great to bring on the plane where you can store important documents that you need to reach for without going through a big bag. Converse is a legendary brand.

If you don't have a pair of Converse sneakers, what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair, since Converse is totally convenient and stylish!

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