The One Where I Become a Student Again


This post had been mereput in my draft even since before I started school again because I was thinking "I'm gonna post this when I start school again" but whenever I start writing it feels like what I wrote is boring. Hence, I kept typing and deleting over and over again. Moreover, I feel like it's too early to describe how it feels like to be a student when I just started school for like a month. Now that I already entered the second month of studying, I feel like I'm ready (tbh I'm never gonna be ready but hey whatever) to write this. So, to sum up, the best things about becoming a student again are:

1. My tutorial group mates are the best classmates ever.

Language 9 Class. Half of Tutorial 7.

Seriously there's no decent picture of T7.

When I first came to UMS, I was so worried about how I'm going to find friends, socialize and not be awkward. Little did I know that I would be in the loudest tutorial group here. Only Allah knows how grateful I am to know these people who always make me smile and laugh. The memes they shared in our WhatsApp group, the way they never want to make anyone feels left behind, how happy they make me, the person I am when I'm with them; I love these. I hope that the bond between us will strengthen with time and when we separate, we'll remember this part of our lives as one of the best.

2. Beautiful views everyday.

View from the corridor outside my room.

Displacement, d, that the students use from FSSA to kiosk.

Tasik berhantu indah damai menenangkan tepi FSSA.

The lane from UMS Aquarium to ODEC sea.
I know that some people might say "eleh banyak lagi tempat cantik, UMS tu biasa-biasa ja" but you can say what you wanna say, UMS will always be in my heart *play UMS Bertekad Cemerlang*

3. Volunteering!

Volunteering has been my passion for so long, but before this, I only volunteered to be on of the facilitators at motivation programs for primary school pupils. Before school started, I knew that there would be plenty of volunteering programs that I could join when I start my degree, but little did I know that I could start volunteering even before I start my degree. I was so happy when one of our lecturers offered us to be volunteers for guiding the tourists that come to UMS Mosque! So far, I had only volunteered 4 times (have I told you how packed my schedule is), and each time, it was so engaging.

4. The lessons.

To be perfectly honest, I don't actually have the spirit to study anymore. I'm studying just for my future, for my family's future. Studying is too tiring for me, even when I already had 6 months holiday. However, here, learning is so much more exciting and interesting. It's a new surrounding, and there are some new ways of learning that I never tried before. The lessons, although some are only repetition from what I've learned from secondary school, are packed of interesting things to learn.


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