Asasi is coming to an end.


My 11 months journey in Asasi UMS is coming to an end in two more weeks and it doesn't feel real. Nothing ever feels real throughout the time I'm here, anyway. Sometimes I still get hits by the truth that I'm far from home and I'm alone managing my life and I'm not a high school student anymore and next year I will be starting my degree. Everything feels unreal and even until the end, I'm still not sure if coming here was the right path for me.

I learned a lot here. There were times I felt so lonely, helpless and scared thinking about the future and my life but I had no one to talk to. Here I found Allah again and realized that He indeed, is the Most Loving, Merciful and Forgiving. I met lots of people who opened my eyes about my purpose of life and there's no one to thank but Him for sending these people into my life, even if it was only for short period of times. You know who you are and I'm sorry for not staying longer.

Here, I saw the reality of students' life (lol)! There really were times that there is only RM50 in your bank account and you can't get it out because the ATM only let you get +RM50 out of your bank account! I knew about that but I never really know it could happen to me until it did (numerous times). These were times that I fast for a few days, iftar with instant noodles then get bad gastritis. Thanks, mom and dad for never letting me starve here and listening to me cry when I got penniless.

Thanks, Asasi UMS, for letting me meet lots of kinds of people. The lecturers here are the nicest and the most sincere teachers I've ever known. They taught with passion and with love, with the greatest intentions for the students and again and again, I was surprised with how sincere they are. I love all my lecturers. They always say things to inspire the students to never give up and only He knows how thankful I am for that because I want to give up studying like every day.

Next, my friends. I'm socially awkward and when I first came here, I thought that I would never have any close friend here. I would be that girl in the back that no one knows. Or at least that's what I thought. Semester 1 was definitely the most fun phase. My tutorial mates were the best and I love them so much. They made me laugh every day, helped me a lot in raising my grade in semester 1, reminded me again and again that it's okay to be myself. Semester 2 was also really great. My tutorial mates for semester 2 were the nicest and really, wisest people I had ever met. They taught me a lot of things.

And last but definitely not least, thanks for those who stayed. The first few people I knew in Asasi, my dobi and birthday buddies, never failed to make my day when we were together. Thanks for all the birthday celebration and our hang out sessions. You all will be deeply missed.

And my onions. Thanks for staying with me for the last few months of Asasi. You guys annoy me a lot and I'm sure I annoy you guys a lot too but even after all that, we put up with each other. Thanks for including me in this mini onion group. So psstt SPM leavers, do not be afraid to come here. Life gets hard lots of times but the people you'll meet here make it 10 times easier to live, in shaa Allah.

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