february life updates | my obsession with the sims 4, my notion page, and more


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February was definitely a short one, but many things happened and I also had a lot of fun. I've been watching lots of TV shows I couldn't watch when my semester was still ongoing and some reading too. Sure, compared to my pre-covid usual Februaries, this February was not as eventful as I did stay home 100% for the whole month but you need to enjoy what you get, right? So here are the things that happened in my life in February.

My fifth semester of university ended!

My fifth semester was rough. I caught COVID last December and it totally threw my momentum off. I hate when that happens. I had everything planned out but because I got sick, two weeks' worth of plans got delayed and I completely lost my motivation to continue my study. Nevertheless, I did finish all my coursework and final exams so I'm still patting myself on the back. Overall, I was still in a much better headspace compared to my fourth semester so I hope I'm gonna do better in terms of my CGPA (please send prayers).

So I'm back on The Sims 4... and I'm obsessed

My first matriarch and her first daughter :')
The view of my sims stargazing is the best <3

I installed The Sims 4 on my laptop last July and it was all I cared about last semester break. And then my semester started and I stopped playing for a while but as soon as it ended, I open The Sims 4 right away. I'm doing a Legacy Challenge (read: you need to have 10 generations and stay on the biggest lot, which means that you need to pay a huge amount of property tax without cheating) so I'm just super excited to finish this challenge so that I can start a new challenge peacefully. I'm only on my third generation now, though, so it will probably take another few months for me to finish it😆

I started watching The Office...

I hate the first season with my whole heart but these two? I fell in love with them and started shipping them the second I saw them.

AND IT'S AWESOME. Michael Schur never disappoints. Every sitcom that he wrote freaking slapped. I can't say how this show places in my sitcom ranking yet, but it is good. The first season was so problematic, I'll probably hate it forever but it gets better. Like Better better. The writers created a character that is so unlikeable and problematic but as time goes by, he shows some depth, he grows on you and you absolutely love him with your whole heart but also kind of hate him a little (or a lot, depending on the episode). That is hard to do and I applaud the writers for that. And the side characters? Oh my god, I love them. I started the series thinking "how will the writers make this not boring, they are literally in an office selling papers" but the characters were written so wonderfully so no boring moments at all.

I set up my Notion!

I'm kinda obsessed with how cute my Notion homepage is.

I get insecure about my productivity on a daily basis. I used to think that everything I need to do is all in my brain and I don't need any other tool to help me... but not anymore. Last year, I tried using a planner and although it helped, I found it a bit inflexible. Before that, I tried using a simple notebook to plan my day and that also didn't help so I figured that bullet journaling will not help either. So I'm trying to plan fully digitally this year. At first, I thought of using a spreadsheet since I already know how everything works, but these posts by Fadwa, May, Maha and Kate convinced me to try using Notion instead. I used May's template and altered it to suit my needs. Hopefully, I'll stay consistent this time🤞🏻

Driving to reckless driving by Lizzy McAlpine!

Lizzy McAlpine is one of the musicians I'm currently really into. I discovered her music early last year and her music is just very soothing. She has an angelic voice and I adore the storytelling through her songwriting. Her new album, five seconds flat, is coming in April and I'm so excited about it. The music video of reckless driving is the continuation of three of her previous singles for her upcoming album the storytelling is just *chef's kiss*. The song itself is just as wonderful as the music video and is the perfect song to drive to. Just don't recklessly drive while you're listening to it. Give a listen to her song here!

And that marks the end of this post. I hope that your February also went well, and March goes just as well or better than the previous months! 

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