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With March came a lot of things that I had been dreading and anxious about for so long and I thought this March was going to be hard for me, but surprisingly, it went really well. I really had a good time in March, thanks to a lot of things, which I'm going to include in this post. But first, let me just say, isn't it weird that things usually go extremely well when you don't have a lot of expectations about how things will go? Maybe that's how I'll live my life from now on.

5SOS made me cry!

I have been a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer since 2013 and their recent single really made me proud of them. Their previous works were wonderful, no doubt since I stream their songs on a daily basis, BUT THEIR RECENT SINGLE? SELF-PRODUCED, SELF-WRITTEN, FULLY BY THE BOYS AND THE BOYS ONLY?! I cried when I saw the video. They have grown up so much sonically and writing-wise and the fact that their upcoming album is fully self-made excites me so much. Another work of theirs is coming out on April 1st and I'm so excited to listen to that one too!

I'm living on campus again...

And surprisingly, it isn't as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. I got a nice roommate, a strategic room despite the many stairs I need to climb to get to it, and most importantly, I'm closer to my friends now! We're not living in the same college, but it's like about 10 minutes away from me by walking so we can still plan to hang out and even have sleepovers, which is the only thing I have been anticipating since I decided to stay on campus this semester. 

Ramadan is coming...

Since I'm staying on campus this Ramadan, as opposed to last semester when I lived alone at home, I don't plan a lot in regards to food except for buying some rice, canned foods and some planning with my roommate in case the student authority is doing a spot-check to find rice cookers LOL. Besides that, I'm still planning to finish the whole Quran this upcoming Ramadan and since I'm certain I'm going to have my period very soon, I did some planning so that I can juggle doing my coursework, finishing 2 juz' a day for a week on top of other ibadah activities and other basic living obligations. I have it on the top of my head for now but will include it in my Notion page later.

I watched some very good TV shows!

the office
kim's convenience
thirty nine

Since my semester has just started and the majority of the classes I'm taking are mostly conducted online and there are not a lot of assignments yet, I mostly spend my afternoons and evenings watching tons of TV shows. I haven't finished The Office yet and I'm kind of on the fence about finishing the show because I've reached the part where Steve Carrell left the show and his character is one of my favourites... so... you know. I also started watching Kim's Convenience this month and am on season four. It was a fun TV show, very original and freaking SIMU LIU is in it. On the other hand, Thirty Nine makes me cry every episode. I love the writing and the vibe of the show, the writer and the actors really did well on this show! Really recommended.

I'm starting my final year project!

With the start of my final year project, the end of my university life also begins. I still have another year (my final semester ends in June next year) but I can't help but feel that the ending of this chapter of my life is already starting. I have been dreading this since my foundation year but surprisingly, so far, I'm doing well. I already have a topic in my mind and only need to find out what exactly I want to do regarding the topic. Please pray that everything will be eased for me.

And since my March went so well, here's a little collage of my month:

And with that, I bid you goodbye for now! I hope our April will go well and to my fellow Muslims, happy embarking on your Ramadan journey soon. See you :)

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