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Tell yourself enough lies and you will believe it.
You might get comforted,
It might give you hope but
To what ends, at what cost,
You’ll only know when it ends.

Tell yourself it will end;
It will be alright in the end.
Then maybe the time will go faster,
The impending doom will begin quicker,
If your bleed earlier then it will heal sooner.

Chanting and praying
To the God, under the stars,
That the wounds will be gone once the plasters are pulled.
Endlessly saying that you’re okay won’t make you okay,
But perhaps tonight it will make do;
To let your eyes rest restlessly,
To let your body fight;
Enters day.

Tell yourself enough lies and you will believe it.
A doom may come,
Peace may come,
But what certain is that
The spring will come.
And another spring and another.
It is true and not at all a lie,
That sooner or later,
This will end,
And you will be alright.

220515/inspired by: tenang – yura yunita

Weirdly enough, I wrote this one after reading one of Spy x Family's chapters. The first line was entirely inspired by that chapter and the rest of them were written a few days afterwards. Also, I changed the Word file from 'growing pains' to 'growing oddities' because I'm at the part of my life where I see that it was not all painful.

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