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I was hesitating to post this because we're literally at the end of May, but I made a promise to myself to post every month's wrap-up on this blog this year so although it's much later than April, here it is. My April wasn't that eventful, to be honest. Or maybe I was just too tired to remember all of them...

How my Ramadan was...

I wasn't that satisfied with my deeds, they decreased a bit compared to the previous years because of my course workloads. On the other hand, I experienced so many new things since I was fasting on campus. I learned how to manage suhoor and iftar on budget, prepare everything without a fridge and a stove, and stay awake during face-to-face class while all I wanted was to sleep. The lessons I learned mostly were survival on campus during Ramadan. Maybe I'll write about all of them for next Ramadan, insya Allah.

Fun and exciting uni life!

I finally had my first lab after a year! And it was just as fun as I remembered. We also attended an environmental societal event and it had been so long since we all went out learning and having fun (albeit with the hot weather and the inability to drink) and it was exciting. I also hung out with my group of friends a lot in April despite not being able to eat except for that one time we celebrated our friend's birthday and those hangouts were fun.

My YGA stan self was soaring!

With BIGBANG's new song (which was so good it made me cry and hyperventilate for like HOURS) and the 2NE1's surprise during Coachella (which made me scream when I first saw the clip), my YGA stan self was literally soaring. As someone who became a stan during BIGBANG's MADE era and right before 2NE1's Goodbye, my stan life felt a bit more complete after these comebacks. I'm super excited about the things that are about to come from these two legendary groups.

I finally watched Business Proposal...

And I liked it enough to finish watching it but I won't say I love it? Maybe rom-coms are not really my thing, currently. I laughed a lot watching the show because of the comedy aspect, can't say I squealed and screamed like usual fangirls when I watched the romantic scenes. I love all of the actors' performances, especially the side characters and Kim Se-Jeong. For Ahn Hyo Seop specifically, although his performance was great, it wasn't my favourite performance of his. I love his performance in Dr Romantic more. Maybe it's because his character in Business Proposal was a stereotypical chaebol type and it wasn't my favourite archetype.


If you have been following my wrap-ups for the past couple of months, you would notice that I have mentioned Lizzy McAlpine in my previous two wrap-ups, which is a big deal for me because I don't like being repetitive in my blog posts (this is a sign for you to try listening to one of her songs, especially from her latest album!). This album was written so beautifully and the production made all of them so addictive without being catchy. I have a thing for beautiful chord progressions on guitar and wonderful storytelling and this album literally has both of those, and LIZZY'S ANGELIC VOICE was just a bonus, I swear. I cried listening to the album, danced to it, and sang my lungs out of it and I could tell from the first listen, that this album is one of those timeless albums I would listen to all the time.

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