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Photo by Alex Pellicer. Inserting a beautiful picture of sunflowers here because they radiate warmth.

My rain will end by the new year,
Because by then new leaves would be growing on my branches,
The moist soil below my feet will wet them just right to wake my hibernating spirit,
The sky will cast a brighter kind of light,
And my blue heart will be warm once again.

My storm will end by the new year,
Because by then a lighter breeze will be blown from the North,
The slaps of the wind on my cheek will be gentler;
Instead of rage,
I would feel affection.
Instead of sorrow,
I would feel joy.
Instead of grieving,
I would be praying.

My soul will be replenished by the new year,
With a braver kind of spirit,
With a kinder innate voice that doesn’t seek to ruin me,
I will see colours once again,
There won’t be wars in my head again,
I would learn to breathe again,
Under the coming January’s sky.

221126/something I'll read every December

So it's December now. I wrote this at the end of November because I could feel a storm (metaphorical) coming into my life. With mid-term exams, death anniversaries and the chaos of my final year project, December sounded like impending doom (which is true, now that it's December). So I was sort of preparing this for myself to remain a bit optimistic and have the will to live through the month. Kind of like a prayer, really. Like a hand on my back, pushing me so that I won't stop walking.

I'm posting this here in case someone else is in need of that hand on their back so they won't stop walking. I'm not poetic enough, or a good enough writer, but know that I'm cheering for you. It's gonna be alright! We'll get through it.

Also a side note, I'm allowing myself to be a bit dramatic on this blog... Because I don't really allow myself to be dramatic on other platforms where my IRL friends are on. I can, can't I?

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