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Photo by me! On my way home from the faculty during the dusk.

Almost like I’m missing a limb,
Or missing a bone.
Almost like I’m walking on a rope,
And it’s leading me the way home.

Almost caught a bus to go to you today,
But I didn’t because my friends told me not to.
Almost fought with my closest confidants,
Trying to make sense of and justify all your actions.

Almost said the things on the tip of my tongue,
I could barely speak before you told me not to.
Almost sent you the many poems I wrote about you,
But if they go to you,
They would be erased just like us.

Almost like I’m wishing upon the stars,
But I know that stars don’t talk back.
Almost prayed to God again for you today,
And I did because that’s the only thing I could do.

221215/what I listened to when I was writing this: little freak by harry styles 


I don't usually want to share what I write right away after I write it because it's too fresh and there is a possibility of me not liking it and changing a few things here and there, but this time I'll just post it here because why not. Wrote this on my way home from my faculty yesterday as I was thinking about a person I'm missing, but the more I wrote, the more fictional it became so it feels safe to share LOL because it's not too personal (if you get it, you get it). The only parts I personally relate to are the first and the last stanzas.

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