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Photo by yours truly. Even as I rushed home because it was Maghrib, I still stopped to take this one because it was such a beautiful sight.

Surprise rainbows and rainy sunsets,
A stranger opening the door for you with a smile on their face,
Accidental music findings and the kind of butterfly you've never seen before,
Foods that don't look so good but are heaven on your tongue.

A dog following you all the way home from a safe distance as if it's guarding you,
Genuinely good guys offering to help you with your heavy stuff,
Exciting new first times and the kind of smile you've never seen on your face before,
First "I love you"s to and from the people you never thought would be your friends.

The smile on your mom's face when you crack a little joke,
Another lengthy motivational talk from your old man,
Another night watching a movie that would be your favourite with your brothers,
Watching people from the sidewalk, seeing things in slow motion,
A warm hand wrapping yours on a cold day.

A cat purring in your lap to comfort you after a long hard day,
Up all night video chatting with your long-distance best friends,
Kind-hearted friends with kind-hearted cursing after they find out another way you sabotaged yourself,
How the grass smells on a sunny day reminds you of your grandparents' house.

A hug from a loved one and the way their smell lingers on you for a while afterwards,
Kisses on your forehead, pats on your head, and the "you did well"s,
The way the stars appear on a cloudy night on the days you're missing someone,
The quiet and the hopefulness of the dawn,
The way these little things touched your heart because He willed them,
And you'll find another reason to live each day,
and another,
and another.

221226/listening to: you're on your own kid - taylor swift


Happy new year everyone! This was supposed to be posted during New Year's Eve, but I got sidetracked from posting it on time and here we are. I wish everyone a terrific year and may 2023 be our best year yet! I wish that everyone will always see those little things to be grateful for and that even during the most challenging days, we'll find the beautiful tiny reasons to live. 

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