page 47 of growing oddities | a love letter to my friends on my birthday


Photo by Qilah. It was a beautiful day in 2022.
The answer
to my mother's prayers for my well-being and smooth sailing
comes in the form of you,
Of impromptu lunch trips to the mall nearby,
Of rushing to the movies to still come in late,
Of ice cream hunting after a long, hard day of work,
Of laughing to tears from the most random things,
Of seeing sunsets from afar in the backseat of the car.

The answer
to my father's prayers for my happiness and health
comes in the form of you,
Of you making sure I don't eat overly spicy things,
Of you making sure I eat when I forget to,
Of you taking me out on some blue holidays,
Of you holding me back in front of bookstores and pastry shops when I'm penniless,
Of you holding my hand whenever we're crossing roads.

The answer
to my many prayers
came when we became friends,
And forevermore,
I'll love you,
I am eternally grateful
to have you in my life.

230111/to my friends, but especially to alfa, silah and qilah who have been here since 2018. i love you guys, to the moon and to saturn and back.

A sneak peek to my 22nd birthday celebration. Not a lot of pictures because I'm cursed when it comes to pictures but that's okay HAHAHA.
I turned 22 on the 11th and it was such a wonderful day. My friends deserve so much for spending the day with me, I was so happy. I have always been a crier birthday girl, since I was a teenager, so the fact that I didn't cry at all during my birthday, and the only time I almost teared up was due to being too happy... you have no idea how much that meant to me. May all of my friends and of course, my parents, are blessed with happiness until the end of their lives and granted Jannah in the hereafter, aamiin. 

On a side note, this poem was titled "this is love... i think" on my note app and I think that's beautiful. I think it's beautiful that despite have not ever been in love, I learned so much about love from my friendships. Not just with them but also with my best friends from high school, with my ex-roommates and so many other people. I'm sure I'll learn more about love when I'm actually in love but the fact that you can learn so much, have so much and give so much just by having friendships... isn't that crazy and magical? 


  1. happy birthday to you and happy new year ya! may ALLAH bless you and grant you happiness :) best nya ada kawan2 yang rapat2 camni. doa by parents are truly powerful T^T

    1. this is long due but thank u for the wish! i fully believe that my parents' doas are the sole reason i'm still here surviving :')

  2. Happy birthday!

    Beautiful writing. Love it!
    Miss my friendsss jugak tetiba. Huhu

    1. long due, but thanks for the wish <3 maybe this is a little nudge for you to catch up with them hehe

  3. Im in love with ur poetic writings ! happy birthday to you too. Wishing you a happy and graceful life. aaminn ♡

    1. thank you so much!! this means a lot to me as i hate my poetic writings haha. and thanks for the wishes <3


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